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About us

Who are we:

Our Names are Terry & Coral, we are a middle aged family with two young kids a boy(8) and a girl (10) we live in the country of Western Australia in a Mining Town.

Life is good and we relised that the information age is apon us all, so we sat down and discussed what sort of a online business that we could do.

Terry & Coral have been in business for years and have a back ground of advertiseing, Real Estate, landscaping and heavy machinary experience, also employing local and interstate employee's.

The Mining area of the Pilbara in Western Australia has experienced such a shortage of workers and accommodation here that we talked about a Jobs website, having been locally in the area since 1966, I was just a little boy then, we relise that people new to the area are not aquainted with whats offered in the area.

So we brain stormed the ideas that we had and came up with a concept that had to be easily navigated as we decidered to place everything that you need to one website, get a job of your dreams money money money!

See Gr8Jobs4u page, you can place a Cv, Resume upload a video of you at your best doing an online video interview, this way its perfect or you don't upload the video, its better for Employers as they can quickly check you out before inviting you for a live interview at their office.

The great thing about our Gr8Jobs4u page is you can have multipule videos, photos, written reference docs from your previous employees, so don't hide behind just sending a written CV for a dream job.

Send in a link to your presentation with video's of yourself, this way your CV dosn't just get added to the top of a pile other job applicants.

So become the HR's number one person on his/her mind and dazzle them before the others have even a chance, did you know people in general make up there minds very quickly as soon as they see protential in an employee, so with a HR officer seeing you long before other's can be a step in the right direction for you.

But thats not all our site is about, its also not only helps in your every day life which is explained later but if you get a Gr8Job you may have to move and relocate.

So we designed this whole site around.... well your life so as to make it easier, everything is on one website ...Trade2Cash

So you just got a job and have to move, or even you just have to move, done that a few times already haha.

So here are some things that our website offers you, sell off all those odds and ends that you can't take, so lets see how you can do everything on one website and only one login.

We have a Auction Page, similar to ebay so add items that you want to sell.

Next we have a Classies Page so that you can place classified adds for free.

Next is a Trademan Page, thats so you can contact a tradesman to do those odd jobs before the Real Estate agent comes around for final inspection, so what tradesmen? Plumbers, electrician, plaster for those holes you punched into the wall haha. or a cleaner, carpet cleaner.

This page also offers you to place an advert asking tradesmen for a quote, its different as its also a reverse auction so tradesmen come onto the website and bid a lesser amount, so the quote gets lower and lower and you can accept who ever at what ever cost you agree on not nessasarly the cheapest.

Then we have a RAQ being Request A Quote, on this page you can ask the whole wide World to quote on Goods or Services

We realised that there are so many other places that have the same condition 

So whats it about:

Why use Trade2Cash verses Other auction sites:


Well Trade2Cash is totally

Free To Use

It cost you nothing to list, it cost you nothing once sold, No final fee, no listing fee.

So how do we make money, well we are going to charge Employers who want to look for new employee's, also the Accomodation page we receive a yearly and letting fee for the use of the booking engine, but this only cost the owner of the propertyno you the user.

Also the Travel page has a booking engine for air flights, car hire, cruises and Holiday type bookings, we get a fee from them and once again you don't pay any fee's.

Not right now but years from now we will be charging the Real Estate Pages for sale of Homes, it will be cheap and not cost the buyer.

Having said all this if you were one of these people that wanted those listing you could also place a classified for free like everbody else.

Another area we charge is Banner Advertising and Featured Listing ect but these are really cheap, like a $1.00 for main page Feature - Whats a dollar to you nowadays, or just list it all for free for up to 90 days.


It's Free and will remain so, Hope you get your Dream Job and clear some clutter in your life, don't worry it's all free

So Basically its all Free




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